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What is Taekwondo?


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Miami Taekwondo

Miami Taekwondo After School Programs is more than just “After Care”, we’re a martial arts institution that teaches discipline, respect, self control, leadership and a positive attitudes. We’re training our students to be Leaders! Our Public and Private School system meets the needs of most parents and students, however, sometimes they lack the ability to teach and train children to be leaders and champions in our communities. We will teach your child the importance of respect for others, the value of discipline and the rewards of self-confidence. Martial arts provide children with a place to enjoy time with many friends while getting the benefits of physical activity a wonderful release for all that young energy.


At MTF Taekwondo we go beyond teaching children the responsibilty that comes with defense techniques learned. We make sure every child knows the importance of doing well in their school work, duties at home, and getting along with others. All these things are part of a child earning awards and recognition, and their next belt. The self-esteem gained at a young age helps steer a child away from making foolish decisions as they grow older. Each child gains skills important for addressing challenges they will face throughout life.

We created two levels of Taekwondo classes.

  • Beginners Class: The class content is designed primarily for students 7 years old and younger who don't know the philosophy and basic abilities of Taekwondo from 3:35 – 4:05 pm. $51.99 per month.
  • Intermediate Class: The content of this class is more complex. It's necessary that the student is over 7 years old and knows the basic abilities of Taekwondo 4:10 – 4:55 pm $ 67.99 per month.
  • Two level classes 3:35 to 4:55 pm = 79.99 per month